About five years ago my husband and I bought a new home. We were excited that our TV was now mounted over the mantel which would free up some wall space. It did that well, but it when the TV was off, we had a huge black hole occupying the space above the mantel. This now created dilemma. This space should be an area of focus. How do we hide this black hole? We thought of buying a picture to stand in front of the TV when it was not in use, but this obviously would become problematic with each use. The thought of removing the picture from the mantel and placing the back was not favorable.
This is where “Natural Audio, LLC” came to the rescue. Fortunately, we met Adam and Chris at a home show in Hartford. Adam was sitting in front of a fireplace which had a lovely piece of artwork above the mantel. That’s when Adam performed his magic, and he remotely made this art work slowly rolled up and disappear to reveal a TV. We were totally impressed and very much interested! They had a technological solution would nicely address our “Black Hole Dilemma”.
We met with them and expressed our interest and the possibility of installing a system such as this in our home. We set an appointment for a visit to our home. They were punctual and courteous. They took the needed measurements and provided us with the websites needed to select the art work and frame for this project.
Upon installation they were extremely neat and careful as they moved about the living room. We were amazed at their degree of professionalism and confidence they displayed as the tackled this project. They walked us through each phase of this project and patiently address all our questions and concerns. They were very easy to work with, accommodating, knowledgeable, skilled in their field, and they stand by their products and service. This was very important to us.
Their flat panel art system was the most perfect and affordable solution that we needed. We love it, and our mantel is now an area of focus once again.
Thank you Adam and Chris for a job well done!
Elizabeth Chrostowsky
During our planning of my buildout, Natural Audio recommended an Art Type system to cover my TVs in my Bar and Theatre rooms. I had never seen something like that but was interested to check it and price it out. We decided to go with Art (Hawaiian shores) in the Theatre room and a picture of our kids behind the bar both covering 42” TVs. Not only is it nice to enjoy those rooms without having to look at a turned off TV screen, the best thing is when my friends are over and the game comes on, I grab my iPad hit a few buttons and the screen moves up to our friends amazement the TV is on and beautifully framed out. When we’re done, we just hit a button and the TV turns off. I love it so much we have 4 in our house. I’ve had Natural Audio back for minor Service issue on one system when the picture was an inch off and white was showing, they fixed it in a heartbeat and at no cost. I’ve even had them change out my picture covering the TV and had quick, friendly and flawless service. This system is classy, cool and very functional and priced very fair. It is not cheap but you definitely get what you pay for and more. If you are considering getting this, do it, but also do it with Natural Audio and you’ll never be disappointed.
Ron Williams
Natural audio has exceeded all my expectations. They were Courteous, Prompt and Receptive of changes. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in audio for their home.
I was also impressed with their artwork which covers my TV. I was able to display a large picture of my children which we enjoyed looking at and then when we wanted to view the TV a simple push of a button retracted our picture and exposed the TV. A TV in our study would have ruined the appearance of the room.
Ron & Jean Giannamore
We moved a few years ago into a house that previously had no full-house system. Chris, Adam and Julio did a great job getting us set up. Their service after the sale is unbeatable and we rely on them for all things audio, video and internet!
Art Schaller
Chris and Adam are very knowledgeable and do a fantastic job with the install. We purchased a wall mounted Art system that rolls up when the TV is in use and is a framed picture when the TV is not in use. We had a family member actually paint the picture in the canvas that Adam and Chris supplied. They gave us detailed information on how to do it properly. They explained what we were able to do with the space that we had and the components that we needed. In the end we have an incredible system that everyone enjoys. They are very responsive to questions after the install and helpful with updates when needed. You can’t go wrong with Natural Audio.
We met Chris and Adam at a Home Show several years before starting our project. They were always helpful as we bounced ideas off of them. We hired them when we built our new home. It included full house audio and a theater. They worked well with our builder and the result is fantastic. We enjoy the ease of the system as well as the entertainment. We had one issue caused by a power surge, and they were very responsive to service it. I would, and have, recommended them to others.
Judy Bankowski
The Best! Chris and Adam are fantastic. If you are looking for a great quality sound system with a fantastic business to do your install and troubleshooting – look no further. What I really loved about them, is that they quoted us, then worked with the quote to help me figure out staging certain items or just doing the entire project at once. Installation was seamless and they started and finished on time with NO MESS! They also offer fantastic troubleshooting after installation and are literally there in minutes if you have any problems. I highly recommend Natural Audio!
Adam Daniels
Chris and Adam were great to work with,all their recommendations to us were perfect! The quality of their work was excellent.Perhaps the best thing about them is that anytime we had a question or problem with our system they were extremely quick to respond and take care of the issue,even many years after the initial installation. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Bob Whiteley
We met with Natural Audio for the first time at a home show in Hartford CT. Walking by their show-booth we noticed they had an LCD TV placed within a picture frame, with a push of a button we watched in awe as the frame lowered a picture to hide the TV…we were sold!
A couple weeks later we placed our order; this is truly a quality product that came with a quality installation.
When people come to our home and see the “hidden TV” it’s a terrific conversational piece. Natural Audio has 100’s of prints to choose from (a fun process choosing the print). Our frame fits over a 46″ Samsung, however I’m sure Natural Audio is capable of larger models. The owner, Chris is a terrific person to work with and this company is all about quality, period!
Greg Hudzik
Natural Audio did a fantastic job for us. Chris, Adam and Julio took care of all of our audio/visual needs including indoor and outdoor sound, indoor smart TVs and a home theater. They also designed, installed and programmed electronic shades for our sunroom and an in-wall TV for our living room. They are very knowledgeable, extremely professional and completed the project on time and within budget.