Psl theater

For some people, excellence is not a privilege, but it is to be expected.  At Natural Audio, we perform with the exact same mindset: we only deliver the highest quality work and products for each and every one of our clients, where meticulous craftsmanship, singular elegance, and rare beauty are appreciated.  We do not settle for average or normal, as we do not expect our clients do either.  We believe in providing a theater system that is far from mundane.

The PSL Acoustical Holographic Theater has over 18 global structural and design patents pending. Radius corners, progressive arcs, multi-fiber machined lumber, proprietary wall fill, sculptured joints, and uniform fasteners are just a few of the unique characteristics this system possesses.

With all of the elements that create the system combined, the result is a room with no acoustical signature, dead spots, bright areas or absorption points. Due to the nature of the system, the room does not need any dampening wall or floor treatments. The walls themselves act as a visual blank slate so that an interior designer can create any desired atmosphere without affecting the visual and acoustical value.